Satanic looking spiral with the Eternal Damnation logo in the middle

The Characters

Player Companions Minions

As the half human half spider hybrid you choose to follow the path of utter destruction and domination. Summon your minions and using their help take over areas that you see fit for world domination.

Half human half spider hybrid with a spear and an orb in their arms
Half human half scoprion hybrid holding their sword up

Meet and recruit interesting companions who join you on your journey with their own specialized skills and play styles. Pick the best comrades and delve into battle.

Control your troops and send them into battle, let your enemies know what you're here for. Look out for more information about our upcoming characters on our devlogs or discord!

Silhoutte of a half human half snake hybrid wrapping around two humans trying to escape

The Enemies

Orcs Humans Undead
Fantasy orc with blue markings mid walk

Fight off hordes of orcs who exist only to destroy and get in your way. Who knows maybe after enough intimidation they will follow your lead?

Humans are not your friends and they'd rather not have you around. Either fight them or find diplomatic ways to gain your goals.

Fantasy human in medieval armor mid walk
Silhoutte of a skeleton mid run with glowing blue eyes

Look out for more information about our upcoming undead enemies on our devlogs or discord!

The World

Locations Dungeons Gods

Explore the various biomes the land offers, from a freezing winterscape to a myseriusly misshapen desert and find out the secrets that loom within.

A house with a hay roof
A statue of a woman holding her hand out

Take a break by explore various hidden dungeons throughout the land. Use the opportunity to gear up your characters and become stronger than ever.

Look out for more information about the upcoming gods on our devlogs or discord!

Silhoutte of spiky looking crab who is implied to be one of this worlds god(this is a gag until we can get a proper silhoutte)

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