Satanic looking spiral with the Eternal Damnation logo in the middle
Scenary of fields with a desolate desert on the left and a lush town on the right Image of bushes and such Ground with medium sized stones A woman who is half human half spider hybrid A floating red symbol Fog
Logo of the game

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An Inter-Dimensional Tale

Conquer, pillage and determine the fate of a fantasy world in Eternal Damnation, a hybrid real time strategy RPG that places the ultimate power in your hands. Fight back against a dominant evil or destroy it and take the world for yourself.

Given a choice between death or reincarnation following your untimely demise, Eternal Damnation thrusts you into a vast fantasy world at the behest of an ancient evil deity. Chosen for your prior acts of evil, it’s your task to conquer the world before you. How you do so is up to you.

Player choice is paramount in Eternal Damnation. Your actions will have consequences that shape the destiny of the world. It’s on you to find your place and discover what type of a ruler you want to be.

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