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002 - Tutorial Island

002 - Tutorial Island

emi | Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Hi and welcome back to our devlog! Apologies for the lack of these but we’ve all been busy working on the project which brings us to our next thing: we’re actually looking for a community/advertisement manager so if you have any experience and are interested please send us your cv over at :) There will be a job posting and more information on this in the upcoming week, so keep an eye out.

This devlog will be more about showcasing some areas we have made instead of talking about actual features, the whole area is still work in progress but we are quite happy with what we have already.

If you’re also curious about our game and would to participate in the community totally join our discord server here.

Purpose of the island

Fishing island

I would like to welcome you all to Tutorial Island, as the name suggests it’s an area where the player gets to learn the ropes and do their first exploration. The purpose of this island is to introduce you to our mechanics and what you should expect of the game and the story and to also serve as an area for our first playable prototype once it reaches a playable phase. The area comes with it’s own history and story which will serve as a way not to overwhelm you but also prepare you for what is to come ahead.

The fishing village

The fishing village

The whole island thrives on it’s great spot as it attracts many various fish and they have built a local economy with traders coming to drop off well needed resources and trade them for the fish. And that’s why you will find several fishing villages along the coast of the whole island

Village area

In the village you will find various locations, on of the notable being the fishing village where not only you can trade for some amazing items you might even find a quest or two from the locals needing your help. On the outskirts of the village we delve into something more mysterious and something that has been there for many many years, the local church and it’s secrets have been lost to time but will you be the one to uncover them whilst clearing out the dungeon beneath the church?

The bandit outpost

Bandit outpost

Not everything is as peaceful and nice on this island as there is always people looking out for only their own gain, the local bandits have managed to claim themselves quite the location and continue to terrorize the locals in their ways, not much can be done to them due to the islands general location.

Bandit area

The bandits have overtaken one of the fishing villages and made it their outpost operating from there, it is secure and comfortable for them to live in but if nothing is done about them they will continue to threaten the locals an even you. They only care about their own gain and will be hard to reason with.

Mysterious shadow lurking in the distance

Mysterious island in the distance

Although what most people don’t realize that there is a bigger evil looming over the island and it’s up to you to decide will you encourage it or deal with it in your own way.

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