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001 - Introduction

001 - Introduction

emi | Thursday, September 29, 2022

Thank you for reading our very first devlog ❤️ To start of things off I’d like to introduce you all to our small team and the game we are excitedly working on. We’ll get every team member to pitch in with the devlogs and try to deliver you weekly or bi-weekly updates about our progress so keep an eye out.

If you are interested in our game and would like to know more or even have questions feel free to chat us up in our discord server here.

About us

We’re a small but strong team of developers based in Nottingham, we are curently working on our first game and hope it’s something people will be eager to try out. For almost a year now we have been planning and working on this project and it’s time to start showing it to the public and to gather your opinion about it :)

The one writing most of these devlogs will be me - Emi, so nice to meet you and feel free to ask me any questions or reach out to me on our discord! Since our team is a startup I end up doing many jobs but in short I act as the team lead sorting out the process. Hopefully eventually I’ll also introduce you to the rest of the team.

About the game

Let me tell you a little about the game and what we have in mind.

The main idea is that the game is a RPG/RTS where you the main protagonist and your chosen companions head out to take over the world for yourselves. The world is full of many factions, races and monsters so you have to properly deal with them but also manage your own nation of people to meet their needs. We are trying to aim the game so it gives the player the freedom to choose their own path and achieve things in their own way whilst focusing on what they think is important.

At the same time the differect factions and races will not sit and wait, they will act on their own to achieve their own goals so as the player you have to react to them accordignly. Massive shock wave in the scenery


More about the gameplay and it’s progress will be revealed with upcoming devlogs but for now I’d like to at least bring your attention to some of the features we have and are working on:

  • Character management system
  • Different AI’s and their behaviours
  • Inventory system
  • Different item and weapon types allowing different combat approaches
  • Quest system
  • Stronghold managemenet
  • Dungeon generation

And many more to be revealed soon ;)

Our game in development

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