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003 - Enemies & AI

003 - Enemies & AI

emi | Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Welcome back to our devlog! This time I would like to introduce you to some of our enemy NPC’s and their AI features which would make them stand out and even make your gameplay more interesting. All of the images & videos in this devlog are still early and everything is work in progress.

I also invite you to join our discord server here. It’s a place where you can talk to us directly and give us feedback on the game!

The Orcs

A group of orcs In most games orcs are a simple but a strong opponent but in our project we are aiming to add another level to them which would make fighting against them more varied.

Orc Behaviour (Everything shown in this gif such as UI/Models/Behaviours is still work in progress and not final)

The gif above showcases a very limited approach to how our AI deals with combat. You can notice the player fighting the enemies as they have the player surrounded, at any moment if the player kills a surrounding orc new ones will run in to help their group out.

One the side you can also notice a different looking orc who acts as a commander and commands all the dumber orcs to switch in or out depending on their health and such. If at any case the player defeats the commanding orc first all the other orcs will lose their composition and proceed to act on less benefitial actions.

We aim to create dynamic behaviours between different groups of enemies which can influence each other in their actions and give the player advantages or disadvantages depending on their build and their situation.

General AI

This devlog was mainly focused on the orcs and their AI but we are taking a very open minded approach with every friendly and enemy unit in the game. Some enemies will have race or class specific behaviours that will not only introduce a greater variety of enemies but also different gameplay approaches for you to discover.

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