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006 - Scorpion Warrior

006 - Scorpion Warrior

soham | Friday, July 14, 2023

Welcome back to our devblog, Soham here again.

Today I am introducing our new playable character class the mighty Scorpion Warrior with its massive pincer claws and a stinger tail, it is a menace on the battlefield. This class will shine the strongest in close-quarter combat able to take on multiple foes at once, sporting an array of martial skills.

This model was made by our very own in-house talented artist Andy.

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Development History:

The concept of the scorpion warrior was inspired by the Rock’s character in The Mummy Returns, we wanted a character that was similar to our Arachne and kept up with the theme of Eternal Damnation.

To create our very own Scorpion warrior, we took a giant scorpion model we had and chopped its head off.

This gave us ample space to fit the upper half of a human body. The Pincers and tails needed a bit of readjustment to work in line with the new proportions of the model.

The body was raised along with the claws, and the armatures were readjusted. This presented us with some additional problems.

The area surrounding the connection with the human body looked very bare bones and uninteresting. To remedy this problem, we studied various types of scorpions. The Asian Forest Scorpion and the Emperor Scorpion were a very big inspiration for the following change, which was adding chitin scales to cover up the body.

Everything was looking good by this point, so we imported this model into our project in Unity, which presented us with our next problem, the size difference between the human body compared to the scorpion body was huge, and it was a bit hard to properly make out the human half.

After resizing the body we come to our final version of the character.

And this is how she looks in-game.


We will show the updated version of the Arachne and our third and final playable class. Here is a little sneak peek at the updated spider.

Signing off now! Cya

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